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Untangles, with "silver ions"
Art. 6350 SCA
This brush, featuring a natural rubber cushion, is made entirely from "carbon fibers" infused with "silver ions". The unique properties found in "carbon fibers" eliminate static electricity typically produced by plastic materials, making the brush perfectly antistatic. The "silver ions" contain antibacterial properties that effectively eliminate and prevent the spread of bacteria. The antistatic and antimicrobial properties of CARBONIUM brushes are effective and long lasting.
This brush is ideal to detangle all type of hair, especially very thick hair. Ideal for brushing dry static hair. The rounded tips delicately massage the scalp, stimulating microcirculation. The ergonomic shape of the natural rubber cushion allows the brushing pressure to be absorbed and distributed evenly, gently protecting hair and scalp.
Soft natural rubber cushion
Carbon fibre handle
"Silver ions" treatment
Carbon fibre pins with rounded tips
Starting from the mid-section, or few inches from the end of your hair, brush down the hair’s length. Moving the brush further up a couple of inches at a time, continue brushing downwards until you reach the scalp and the hair is fully detangled. To finish, gently stimulate the scalp by running the brush over the scalp in the direction of the hair’s fall a few times.