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Scalp massage - Black: soft
Art. 946 S
The Acca Kappa Protection brush has been specially designed to brush hair gently and to massage the scalp delicately. The special nylon looped bristles heat-sealed to the base move easily through the hair, gently and effectively untangling without scratching or damaging the hair structure. The loop bristles also gently massage the scalp, stimulating microcirculation and encouraging the correct moistening of the hair follicles. Made of beech wood from reforestation programmes, the brush is exceptionally light. The natural rubber cushion holding the bristles ensures long lasting flexibility, and its particular shape absorbs and distributes pressure evenly across the whole brush, ensuring a more delicate action on the scalp and hair.
Soft natural rubber cushion
Ergonomic handle in beech wood
Top quality plastic
Special looped nylon filament, delicate action on scalp and hair
Starting from the mid-section, or few inches from the end of your hair, brush down the hair’s length. Moving the brush further up a couple of inches at a time, continue brushing downwards until you reach the scalp and the hair is fully detangled. To finish, gently stimulate the scalp by running the brush over the scalp in the direction of the hair’s fall a few times.