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Diameter: Ø 25 mm. Pure natural bristle
Art. 2825 S
Top quality pure wild boar bristles, particularly resistant to use and longer than traditional thermal brush bristles. Light ergonomic handle with anti-slip hand grip. Barrel made of aluminium and coated with ceramic and tourmaline crystals.The handle and barrel are made with special materials that ensure a long-lasting antistatic and antibacterial properties.
This brush is particularly suitable for short, thin and delicate hair and is optimal for drying and styling.
The NO-DAMAGE thermal brush allows quick drying without dehydrating. Lack of hydration, which is naturally more common in curly and frizzy hair, now affects all hair types due to the environmental attack to which it is subject every day (heat, smog, stress) and chemical treatments that are often excessive and not very professional (perms, dyes, colour removers). The 100% natural bristles have a similar molecular composition to that of the hair and therefore do not alter the delicate hydrolipid balance of its structure. The special ceramic and tourmaline coating of the barrel eliminates the thermal shock due to excessive temperatures and naturally releases negative ions that neutralise the electrostatic charge in hair making it hydrated, glossy and silky. Tourmaline is also a source of infrared rays that penetrate into the hair making drying quicker. The added length of the bristles makes it possible to work more effectively on long and thick hair making it particularly glossy. The antibacterial protection is ensured by the presence of “silver ions” on the handle and the barrel, which penetrate into the cell membrane of the bacteria, preventing their proliferation. The antistatic and antibacterial treatments are effective and long-lasting.
Ceramic+Tourmaline: even heat distribution, ionic effect
Light and balanced ergonomic handle
"Silver ions" treatment
100% top quality boar bristles
Anti-slip grip
Removable sectioning pin
For the best blow out, from a proper distance direct the heat of the hair dryer repeatedly on the locks and pull it taut from hairline. For a longer hold, let the brush cool down leaving the hair rolled up around it. To get less volume at the hairline, loosen the grip of the brush and let the ends cool down while still rolled up around the brush.