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La Fabbrica Della Bellezza e Il Design Del Prodotto
Art. 85LIBRO

A book on people, architecture, industry, projects, products, graphics and communication. 

The book is available in our Milan boutique at Via Brera, 5. 

Founded in Treviso in 1869, today the Acca Kappa company is the 'Beauty Factory', renowned and appreciated worldwide for the quality and aesthetics of its products.
This book gathers the present and the past, looking to the future. A book that is image, collection, testimony. An identity card that introduces the company to old and new friends, long-standing customers and those still to come. An instrument that is ancient yet contemporary, wireless. It silently narrates the European, Italian and Venetian craftmanship that has spread throughout the world by virtue of a high aesthetic component that today we call 'design'.
A fresh and enjoyable book, also conceived for the younger generations, who are increasingly dedicating themselves to creative disciplines.