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With this policy, we provide detailed information about cookies, how they are used by H. Krull & C. S.p.A., as Data Controller (hereinafter known as the “Controller”), and how to manage them, pursuant to Sections 13 and 122 of the (Italian) Decree Law 196/2003, Code on the subject of personal data protection (hereinafter known as the “Privacy Code”), as well as the regulations given in the General Provisions of the Data Protection Authority on the “Simplified Arrangements to Provide Information and Obtain Consent Regarding Cookies” dated 8th of May 2014. 


This cookie policy is an essential part of our privacy policy** and it is provided only for this website www.accakappa.com (hereinafter known as the “Site”) and for its possible subdomains and not for any other web site that may be consulted by the User through any links.



Cookies are small strings of text that the Websites, visited by the user, send to his/her terminal (usually the browser) where cookies are automatically stored and later relayed to the same websites when the user returns to the latters. This system allows the website which uses cookies to get many information about the user and it is generally used for a better and more effective web navigation.

Usually there are two types of cookies:

a)   technical cookies, generally used for the normal use of the website, may be divided into:

-       Navigation Cookies, which are memorized in the user’s PC for the normal user’s navigation experience and the use of the site;

-       Functionality cookies which record many specific information and settings as indicated by the user, i.e. language, authentication credential, shipping country, products selected for the purchase, in order to customize and improve user’s consultation of the Site;

-       “Analytics” cookies, similar to technical cookies only if they achieve statistic purposes, collecting a pool of information;

b)   profiling cookies, suitable for recording user’s movements and habits during the session in order to create a specific profile to be used even for commercial and advertising purposes.


There are first and third part cookies according to the fact that cookies are respectively set up by the handler of the site which the user is visiting or of a third site which set up cookies by means of the latter.


Furthermore, all the cookies may also be listed as follows:

  • Session cookies, if they are deleted at the end of the navigation browser, or
  • Persistent cookies, if they remain inside the browser for a specific period of time.


If you wish more information concerning cookies, please visit the following web pages:



The Site uses technical, analytics and profilation cookies, even by third parties.

We provide as follows the detailed list of used cookies and, for third parties’ cookies, the link to the privacy policy of the related third provider, where the user may receive more information and manage and/or disable cookies.


Technical cookies

The Site uses technical cookies of first part, in particular navigation and functional cookies for the purposes as follows:

  • navigation on the Site and use of the relevant services (i.e. for purchasing goods or logging in to enter restricted areas);
  • customize and improve the consultation of the Site for the user (i.e. memorize the information and the settings included by the user, such as the authentication credentials, selected language and country).


Furthermore, the Site use third party’s analytics cookies for statistic purposes.

In particular, the Site use Google Analytics cookies.

They are session and persistent cookies owned by Google Inc used for statistic analysis related to the use of the Site (i.e. for discovering the total number of the users and relevant browser and operating system). We inform that for the Site has been activated the anonymisation function of the IP address and signed the amendment on the elaboration of data in compliance with the European regulation of the Dir. 95/46/CE.

For the cookie policy of Google Inc., how to manage or disable them, please visit this web page:


The user is entitled to prevent that Google Analytics uses his/her data by means of the installing of a specific additional component of the browser provided by Google; if you wish to download the foresaid component in order to block Google Analytics, please visit this web page:



Profiling cookies

The Site uses profiling cookies belonging to third parties which allow the user to interact with his social network, such as, for the authentication by means of his/her personal social account or for the sharing of contents on the social networks.

If you wish to know the cookie policy used by social networks and for more information about how to manage or disable them, you may consult the relevant privacy policy by means of the following links:

-      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/help/cookies/ 

-      Twitterhttps://twitter.com/settings/security

-      Linkedinhttps://www.linkedin.com/legal/cookie-policy

-      Google+http://www.google.it/intl/it/policies/technologies/cookies/

-      Pinterest: https://about.pinterest.com/it/privacy-policy

-   Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/legal/cookies/.



At the first access to the Site, it will be pop up a banner with the short cookie policy.

The user, pressing I AGREE or on any other element of the page of first access, entering into any other section of the Site or continuing the navigation in any different manner, declares to accept the use of cookies for the purposes described in this information.

Technical cookies do not require the prior consent of the user for their installing and use and if the user needs to manage and disable them he/she has to use the options of his/her own browser according to the procedure as indicated below in the “Cookie Management” Section. 

However, considering the analytics and profiling cookies, we enlighten that the user is entitled at any time to modify his/her preferences and/or revoke his/her consent to the use of cookies directly by means of the following management form


Statistic purposes


Interaction with the social networks



Furthermore, the user is entitled to manage third parties’ cookies in the relevant web pages which could be achieved by means of the above mentioned links and/or by means of the options of the browser as indicated below in the “Cookie management” section.


We inform that the consent to the use of cookies is voluntary but, if it is not given, some parts of the Site could not work properly.



Most of browser are setup in order to accept cookies. Anyway, the user may accept or not cookies and manage their operating by means of his/her own browser.

Cookie setting may be determined in a specific manner for different sites and web applications. The procedures for the cookie management are different considering the used browser.

In order to disable, delete or block cookies it is possible to use the specific page provided by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance, http://www.youronlinechoices.com/it/, or use the browser options, according to the following instructions:


Internet Explorer

  1. Select Internet Explorer;
  2. Click “Instruments” menu and then “Internet Options”;
  3. Click “Privacy” section and, in “Settings” area, scroll in order to select:
  • Block all the cookies;
  • Allow all the cookies;
  • Select websites from which you wish to receive cookies; therefore, click “websites”, insert the website in “Web site address” section and then click Block or Consent.


Mozilla Firefox

  1. Select Mozilla Firefox;
  2. Click menu on the toolbar;
  3. Click “Options” and then “Privacy”;
  4. Click “Show Advanced Settings”;
  5. In the “Privacy” section click “Contents Setting”;
  6. in “Tracking” section it is possible to shift the following settings:
  • communicate to the visited sites the willingness to be tracked;
  • communicate to the visited sites the willingness not to be tracked;
  1. in “Chronology” section it is possible to:
  • select to accept the third parties’ cookies (always, from the most visited site or ever) and maintain them for a specific period of time (until their expire time, at the closure of Firefox or to request every time) enabling “Use personalized settings”;
  • delete each saved cookies.


Google Chrome

  1. Select Google Chrome;
  2. Click menu on the toolbar;
  3. Click Settings and then “Show Advanced Settings”;
  4. In the “Privacy” section click “Contents Setting”;
  5. in “Cookies” section it is possible to shift the following settings:
  • allow the saving of data in local;
  • memorize local data just until the closure of the browser;
  • prevent to websites to set cookies;
  • block the cookies of third parties and website’s data;
  • manage the exceptions for each websites;
  • remove one or all the cookies.



  1. select Opera;
  2. Click “Preferences”, “Advanced” and then “Cookies”;
  3. Select one of the following settings:
  • Accept all the cookies;
  • Accept the cookies only from the visited site (third parties’ cookies, sent by a domain different from the visited one, shall be rejected);
  • Never accept cookies.



  1. Select Safari;
  2. Click “Safari”, “Preferences” and then “Privacy”;
  3. In “Block Cookies” section please specify the procedure used by Safari for the acceptance of cookies from the web sites;
  4. In order to check which sites have been saved cookies click “Details”.


If you wish more information, please read the instructions handbook of your own browser or visit the relevant web page:


If you wish more information concerning the processing of personal data by H. Krull & C. S.p.A., we recommend you to visit the Privacy Policy of the Site.