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White Moss
Hand made

Art. 913 Durata 110 ore circa

This elegant Acca Kappa candle is the product of the delicated work of our skilled wax specialist. The glossy surface is a reflection of the extremely refined nature of this one-of-a-kind creation, made entirely by hand using a time-consuming and persistent process: it takes an entire day to create a single candle. A special, patented blend of pure paraffin of the highest quality guarantees the fragrance will find its fullest expression. The scent is released evenly and gradually to delight the senses. Lasts approximatively 110 hours.

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Candle made exclusively from 100% food safe refined hydrogenated paraffin. This process eliminates benzenes, toluene and sulphur, toxic substances normally found in ordinary paraffin. Food safe hydrogenated paraffin is skilfully blended to ensure micro-encapsulation of the olfactory molecules in the pure essence. This exclusive blend of special waxes ensures that the candle can solubilise a very high quantity of essence (15%), giving off a strong, lingering scent.
The wick is pure cotton, without a lead or nylon core, and has not been chemically bleached. Colorants are non-toxic and contain natural pigments with no hexavalent chrome. Scents and essences are IFRA, REACH and RAL certified; all candles are phthalate-free
The mirror finish is created entirely by hand, with long, slow polishing. Only after a whole day of work does the Master Candlemaker achieve perfection, with the perfect balance of flame and wax, ensuring that these candles last longer than any others of the same shape.