Eucalipto & Muschio di Quercia


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Artistic Aromatic Atmosphere
Art. 1002
180 gr
Every home fragrance by Acca Kappa tells a story of art, woven into emotions and imagination, that shines for its own personality. The essences spread vibrations in the air, stimulating the senses and elevating mind and soul. The memory of a walk in the woods, evoked by the intense hints of oakmoss and the freshness of eucalyptus. Through a melody composed of aromatic and woody essences, you will find an ideal atmosphere to feel regenerated, healthy and serene.  
This elegant Acca Kappa paraffin wax candle is crafted by skilled specialists and bottled in only the finest glass approx. 30+ hour burn time.
Never leaveburning candle unattended – Keep out of reach of children and pets – Do not place candle on heat-sensitive or flammable materials – Do not place candle in front of open window or other drafts – Always leave at least 10 cm between candles – Do not burn the candle for more than an hour and a half at a time - Trim wick before re-lighting candle, it should never be longer than 5 mm – Do not move a burning or hot candle, wait until wax cools – Avoid blowing out the candle directly, smother the flames of the wick instead.