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Pure silver badger - Gillette Mach3 blade

Art. WE010

Modular shaving kit in Wengé wood.
Razor with ergonomic handle, Gillette Mach 3 blade and shiny chromed stand made in brass.
Shaving brush with ergonomic handle, pure silver badger tuft, hand polished stainless steel support on Wengé wood stand.

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Face to face with the mirror, alone with one’s stubble: this is one of the emblematic moments of a man’s intimacy. The razor and the shaving brush are its centuries-old symbols, the instruments of the ritual by which a man prepares himself to face the world, clean, shaven and neatly presented.
Should such a moment be entrusted to the cultural and material poverty of a mass-produced disposable product? The 1869 Shaving Kit has been designed for people who know how to take care of themselves and the ones they love and is further enhanced by ergonomics, natural materials and craftsmanship.
The innovative handles of the razor and of the pure badger bristle shaving brush are fashioned out of Wengé hardwood, hand crafted and finished with wax: their ergonomic shapes are designed to accommodate the movements of the hand and the curves of the face. Their stands can be separate or combined.
Tradition strictly dictates shaving with shaving soap, brush, and razor. The best time to shave is in the morning when facial muscles are rested, hydrated and relaxed.
Start the ritual by placing a wet cotton cloth on the face to enhance the cream's emollient properties. Apply soap with a wet brush and circular motions to produce a rich lather and massage the skin. After washing the razor blade with hot water, shaving can begin: with the grain, against the grain, rinse the face with fresh water to help close the pores and alleviate any irritation. Applying an after-shave to keep the skin cool and hydrated completes the ritual.
To ensure the long life of the brush it must be carefully washed, shaken and dried. The brush handle tends to dull with time and use. Natural wax treatment is recommended to preserve the wood's original luster.