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Vegan friendly bristles, Mach 3 blade, metal stand
Art. 609 TNS
Acca Kappa has always been dedicated to protecting the environment and sustainable development. The fusion of wood and plastic gives life to the innovative Natural Style shaving brush that is of 45% plant origin. The brush’s bristles are vegan friendly and made of synthetic fibres. Mach3 blade with metal stand.
A perfect mix of tradition, design and responsible choice of materials used.
Shaving brush 45% plant origin
Vegan friendly bristles made of synthetic fibres
Mach3 blade
Metal stand
Tradition strictly dictates shaving with shaving soap, brush, and razor. The best time to shave is in the morning when facial muscles are rested, hydrated and relaxed. Start the ritual by placing a wet cotton cloth on the face to enhance the cream's emollient properties. Apply soap with a wet brush and circular motions to produce a rich lather and massage the skin. After washing the razor blade with hot water, shaving can begin: with the grain, against the grain, rinse the face with fresh water to help close the pores and alleviate any irritation. Applying an after-shave to keep the skin cool and hydrated completes the ritual. To ensure the long life of the brush it must be carefully washed, shaken and dried.