Soft Airy


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Soft AIRY - Natural bristles with a double nylon monofilament
Art. 643 GS

The Soft Airy brush features natural bristles and a double nylon monofilament. Designed to achieve perfect styling, the brush allows for a gentle detangling of your locks. It is suitable for all hair types, including delicate hair, and is perfect for use on hair extensions. The result is a soft, polishing and volume-boostingtreat for your hair.

The flexible motion of the tridentallows for a gentle brushing of the hair. Thanks to a double nylon monofilament, the natural bristles course smoothly through your locks without scratching the scalp, leaving your hair softer and shinier. The ergonomic handle also provides a very comfortable grip.
Once the desired Hair Care product has been distributed, pass the Soft AIRY brush evenly through the hair, from the roots to the tips, to spread the product