Our history

Our history is hand in glove with the tradition and territory of the Veneto region: it is right here – where the marvel of nature alternates with the beauty of the villas, where the passion for craftsmanship marries with the culture of labor – that in 1869 Hermann Krüll decides to found his company, finding the perfect setting to inaugurate a mission devoted to beauty and quality, and capable of combining tradition and innovation, inventiveness and professionalism, past and future. The international dimension of Acca Kappa was built thanks to the foresight of four generations of entrepreneurs, who have taken turns at the helm of a company still today firmly anchored to the values of its founder. From the historic headquarters in Treviso, today Elisa Gera-Krüll carries on the same dream, embellishing it with a line of fragrances that evoke the splendour, charm and suggestions of the Italian garden.